Surnames List

Below are the surnames that are in my family tree up to 4th great-grandmothers, organized by surname and generation. I started with my mother's maiden name, then my grandmother's maiden names, then great-grandmothers', etc. I also included where the family members in my tree bearing the surname lived, in chronological order (hence the ">" symbol). If a name was changed, I use that same symbol to indicate this. If a name has more than one acceptable spelling, I use a slash ("/").

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HOWES:  Ireland  >  New Brunswick, Canada  >  Cambridge, Massachusetts


RYAN:  Ireland > Boston, Massachusetts

PALMER:  England  >  Hampton, New Hampshire  >  Essex County, Massachusetts


SCHUMUTER:  Krasnostav, Volhynia, Ukraine

FITZGERALD:  Ireland  >  Boston, Massachusetts

SIMMONDS:  New Brunswick, Canada  >  Nova Scotia, Canada  >  New Hampshire

WINSLEY > WINSLOW:  Originally WINSLEY, was changed to WINSLOW around the beginning of the 18th century.   Colchester, Essex, England   >  Salisbury, Massachusetts  >  Kingston, New Hampshire

2nd Great-grandmothers:

FITZGERALD:  This Fitzgerald family may or may not be related to the above Fitzgerald name.  Ireland  >  Boston, Massachusetts

CONNELLEY:  Ireland   >  Newton, Massachusetts > Needham, Massachusetts

RUSSELL:  Britain  >  St. John, New Brunswick, Canada

BAKER:  Salem, Massachusetts  >  Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

PUDDINGTON > PURRINGTON > PURINTON:  York, Maine  >  New Hampshire  > Amesbury, Massachusetts

MACE:  Rockingham County, New Hampshire

3rd Great-grandmothers:

LYNCH:  Ireland  >  Boston, Massachusetts

DAILEY:  Ireland  >  Boston, Massachusetts

ROSS:  Kinsale, Cork, Ireland  >  St. John, New Brunswick, Canada

PARKER:   Barnstable, Massachusetts  >  Middlesex County, New Jersey  > Campobello Island, Canada

SPECHT:  Brunswick, Germany  >  St. John, New Brunswick, Canada

BAILEY:   Yorkshire, England  >  Essex County, Massachusetts  >  Swanzey, New Hampshire

FITTS/FITZ: England  >  Ipswich, Massachusetts  > South Hampton, New Hampshire

SEVERANCE:  Salisbury, Massachusetts  > Kingston, New Hampshire

BLY:  Essex County, Massachusetts  >  Plaistow, New Hampshire

4th Great-Grandmothers:

MUNROE:  Massachuetts  >  New Bruswick, Canada

CROSS:  Denham, Suffolk, England  > Ipswich, Massachusetts > Methuen, Massachusetts   > Campobello Island, Canada

HILTON:  York, Maine  >  Essex, Massachusetts  > Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

THURBER:  Lincolnshire, England  >  Rehoboth, Massachusetts  > Hants, Nova Scotia, Canada

SWETT:  Essex County, Massachusetts  >   Rockingham County, New Hampshire

CLARK:  Billerica, Massachusetts  >  Swanzey, New Hampshire

COLBY:  Horbling, Lincolnshire, England  >  Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts

DAVIS:  Wiltshire, England  >  Newbury, Massachusetts

WEBSTER:  Norfolk, England  >  Hampton, New Hampshire  >  Kingston, New Hampshire

TOWLE:  Hampton, New Hampshire  >  Kingston, New Hampshire

GIBSON:  Sandown, New Hampshire