Brick Walls

Here are some ancestors whose lines I am not currently able to follow-- if you have information or can help, please email me (through my profile, in sidebar) or leave a comment!

Jane (RUSSELL) HOWES (b. 1853), wife of John W. HOWES of Cambridge. My 2nd great-grandmother Jane married John W. HOWES on 4 August 1873. Their youngest child was my great-grandfather Horace William HOWES (b. 1882). On 19 June 1894, John remarried an Ida COLE in Attleboro Falls, MA.  The question is, what happened to Jane? I can find no death record in Massachusetts for her. Sometime between 1882 and 1894, Jane either died or divorced John. The last place they would have lived together is Cambridge or Sommerville, MA (John shows up in city directories, but unfortunately the directories at this time don't list the names of wives). He lived in Cambridge until 1892, when he moved to Sommerville.

John MACE (?-?), wife of Sophronia BLY, father of Elizabeth (MACE) BEAN WINSLOW. John Mace was my 3rd great grandfather. He married my 3rd great-grandmother Sophronia BLY on 31 December 1841. The story that my mother's cousin was told was that he disappeared (would have been between about 1848) after going out to cut wood one day-- only his lunch pail and axe were ever found. He would have been born in the first two decades of the 19th century, either in Rockingham County, New Hampshire... or Spain (this is what is listed as his birthplace on his daughter's death record, and there is a story that there is some Spanish descent there). Obviously, there is no identifiable death record for him either, either because he met with serious misfortune, or because he decided to leave and start a new life elsewhere. He is probably a descendant of Robert MACE of Gossport, who immigrated from England in the 1650's, unless John changed his name from something else.

Sarah, wife of John SWETT, mother of Sarah (SWETT) PALMER.  4th great-grandmother Sarah SWETT was born 3 June 1772 in Raymond, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Her father was John SWETT (1731-1777), and her birth record lists her mother's name as "Sarah." But according to Everett Stackpole's geneology of the Swett family, John was "probably the one who married Lydia LEAVITT", whose father's name was John.

I wonder if John's wife wasn't Sarah Leavitt-- there was a Sarah Leavitt born in Brentwood, New Hampshire, on 25 November 1739, and no marriage information can be found for her. And Sarah's father's name was John.

Anyway, this Sarah Unknown married Joshua PALMER (1761-1851) about 1796. She was apparently his third wife, and no actual marriage record can be found. Their son, and my 3rd great-grandfather, was Joshua PALMER II (1815-1864).

Anne EVANS, wife of Samuel PALMER, mother of aforementioned Joshua PALMER.  Anne EVANS, 5th great-grandmother,  was "of Newbury", and married Samuel PALMER in Rowley, Massachusetts on 21 Aug 1738. She apparently died in Methuen on 21 February 1790, though there is no record of this. No other information is known about her.

There a couple of likely sets of parents for Anne, though she may not be the daughter of either. In Newbury, there was a William EVANS who was married Lydia CHASE on 30 Jan 1716, and a John EVANS who married Dorothy CHASE (sister of Lydia) on 25 April 1719. Anne is the right age to be a daughter of either one of these couples.