Friday, November 29, 2013

A slightly belated Thanksgiving post

I've been pretty busy, and frankly haven't been inspired to blog lately... so that's my excuse for why it's been almost a month since I've posted anything here.

Anyway, for Thanksgiving, I wanted to recognize the known ancestors that I have who were passengers on the Mayflower. Some would live to participate in the first fall harvest in the autumn of 1621, and some would not...

John ALDEN, the Mayflower's cooper, through his son Joseph with wife Priscilla MULLINS, another Mayflower passenger.

Isaac ALLERTON (his wife Mary, nee NORRIS, died in childbirth after arriving in the New World but before having a chance to disembark from the ship), through his daughter Remember.

John BILLINGTON, through his son Francis. John and his family had a rather bad reputation, if Governor Bradford's account is to be believed, and John would have the dubious distinction of being the first colonist to be executed (he was hanged for shooting a neighbor in September of 1630).

William BREWSTER, through his daughter Patience.

James CHILTON, through is daughter Isabella. His other daughter Mary is said to have been the first English colonist to set foot in New England.

Francis EATON, through his son Samuel.

Samuel FULLER, through his son Samuel. Samuel Sr. was the "doctor" of Plymouth Colony-- back then pretty much anyone could hang a shingle out and call himself a doctor.

William MULLINS. He, his wife, and their son would die in the first harsh winter in Plymouth. The only survivor would be his daughter Priscilla, who would marry John ALDEN. They had 11 children, and have the most descendants of any other Mayflower passengers.

It's not that unusual for someone to have so many Mayflower ancestors, since many of the families married into each other-- passengers' children married other passengers' children.

In my case, all of my Mayflower ancestors except for Isaac ALLERTON can be traced back from one couple-- my 4th great-grandparents Captain John BAKER (1792-1861) and Mehitable HILTON (1796-1865) of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!