Saturday, June 15, 2013

Surname Saturday: DOWNING of Salem, Massachusetts

I never would have guessed that London's Downing Street was named for my 11th great-uncle, but then I never would have thought that I had a great-uncle who was a baronet either.

Emanuel DOWNING was a lawyer with impressive family connections: his first wife was Anne WARE. She was a daughter of Sir James WARE, secretary to Lord Deputy William Fitzwilliam and sister of Sir James WARE Jr. the historian. She evidently died sometime before 1622;  that year Emanuel married second wife Lucy WINTHROP, sister of Puritan leader John WINTHROP. Aforementioned 11th great-uncle was Emanuel and Lucy's son George DOWNING, who was created a baronet and ended up being a lackey of Oliver Cromwell who married into aristocracy an important statesman.

John Winthrop kept trying to get his sister and brother-in-law to relocate to Massachusetts Colony. Lucy apparently was not enthralled with the prospect of a months-long dangerous sea trip, bitterly cold weather, and sometimes-hostile natives, but she and Emanuel came anyway and ran a tavern. They already had 12 children, including Emanuel's three by his first wife Anne, but three more would be born to them in Massachusetts.

Emanuel and Lucy would not stay in the American colonies, however; they would sell their tavern to John Proctor (yes, the one who would be executed for witchcraft) to cross the pond again and end up in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here Emanuel held the position of Clerk of Council of State, and ended his days.

Emanuel's lineage is quite impressive; through his paternal grandmother Elizabeth WINGFIELD's family line, he descends from Plantagenet royalty: King Henry III was Emanuel's 10th great-grandfather.

I actually descend from Emanuel through two of his children-- through John, son by second wife Lucy (through two of his children), and also through Susan, daughter by first wife Anne.

Ancestral line #1:

Emanuel DOWNING (1585-1658) m. Anne WARE (1592-bef. 1622)
Susan DOWNING (1622-1666) m. Robert ROBERTS (1617-1663)
John ROBERTS (1655-1714) m. Hannah BRAY (1661-1717)
Susannah ROBERTS (1680-1719) m. David DOWNING (1678-1723)
Hannah DOWNING (1703-1771) m. Ebenezer DAY (1697-1740)
Hannah DAY (1736-1780) m. Jacob LUFKIN (1727-unknown)
Hannah LUFKIN (1752-1790) m. Amos HILTON (1738-1811)
Jacob Lufkin HILTON (1775-1855) m. Hannah TRASK (1774-1829)
Mehitable HILTON (1796-1865) m. John BAKER (1792-1861)
George Albert BAKER (1842-1914) m. Hannah Melissa SPECHT (1843-1924)
Jessie May BAKER (1873-1927) m. Thomas Parker SIMMONDS (1871-1953)
Estelle May SIMMONDS (1893-1930) m. Horace William HOWES (1882-1976)
Henry Richard HOWES (1913-1987) m. Dorothy Elizabeth PALMER (1918-1984)
S. HOWES m. my father (b. 1933)
Me (b. 1974)

Ancestral chain #2:

Emanuel DOWNING (1585-1658) m. Lucy WINTHROP (1600-1679)
John DOWNING (1640-1694) m. Mehitable BRAYBROOK (1651-1721)
David DOWNING (1678-1723) m. Susannah ROBERTS (1680-1719)

The lines converge, so the rest of the line is the same as above. David DOWNING and Susannah ROBERTS both descend from Emanuel DOWNING, who would be David's grandfather and Susannah's great grandfather. This makes them first half cousins once removed, which is genetically equivalent to second cousins. Second cousins share only 3.12% of their genetics, so it's plenty distant enough to marry and have children without dueling banjos.

Ancestral chain 3: 

Emanuel DOWNING (1585-1658) m. Lucy WINTHROP (1600-1679)
John DOWNING (1640-1694) m. Mehitable BRAYBROOK (1651-1721)
Sarah DOWNING (1673-1724) m. Thomas LUFKIN (1668-1747)
Jacob LUFKIN I (1698-1737) m. Mary DAVIS (1697-1736)
Jacob LUFKIN (1727-unknown) m. Hannah DAY (1736-1780)

The rest of the tree is the same as Ancestral chain 1 above (note that Jacob LUFKIN and Hannah DAY are second half cousins once removed, since Emanuel was Jacob's 2nd great-grandfather and Hannah's 3rd).