Saturday, January 12, 2013

Searching hints on

Many of us who use are familiar with the little leaves that pop up that show hints for particular people in our trees. But I wanted to share another way to search hints that I've personally found to be more useful.

When you're on, you can click on any hint leaf for any of your members. In the green bar right above "Ancestry hints for [name]", click on "View all hints."

This will bring up all hints for everyone in your tree. You can then search by specific person, records, photos, stories, or member trees. 

I found quite a few cool documents searching this way, including the charter for the city of Kingston, NH, which mentions the names of several of my ancestors. Annoyingly, the image was not full sized, and a message sent to the submitter requesting a larger copy via email has yet to be answered. 

Bear in mind that "photos" don't just include photos of the people, but also photos of buildings, graves, etc,  and documents that have been scanned... unfortunately, it also includes clip art that people use to indicate immigrants, family crest, etc. I say this is unfortunate because the clip art and family crests aren't useful and merely add to the volume of images to scroll through; I really wish people would stop using them.

This is a good way of seeing hints for many different ancestors/family members at the same time.