Sunday, January 20, 2013

Probate records found on

... or rather, they appear to be references to records.

I was on, my favorite go-to genealogy site, looking up probate records for Rockingham County, New Hampshire, where many of my mother's family and ancestors hailed from, and I came across references to records for my great-grandfather, Frank Bailey PALMER (1888-1958) and his brother George Walter PALMER (1887-1972):

I'm honestly not too sure what I'm looking at here, and was wondering if any readers could shed any light on the nature and meaning of these reference cards.

For instance, does the number in the upper lefthand corner indicate a year? The first digit looks like an "I" instead of a "1." And does "Gdn." indicate a guardianship issue? In 1902, my grandfather and his brother would have been about 14 and 15 respectively, and would have still been minors. Their mother, my 2x-great grandmother Mary Olivia (PURINTON) PALMER had passed away in 1898 of cancer at the relatively young age of 46. Their father, George Bailey PALMER, was still living, however.

I'm intrigued, and find that, like so many things in genealogy, it raises more questions than answers.

So please comment or email me (through my profile) if you can tell me anything about the above references!