Saturday, December 22, 2012

Old Lutz Schoolhouse

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a Christmas display held at a local historic landmark-- the Old Lutz Schoolhouse. It was built in 1927, and though it is not a school today, it serves to host various community functions.

I brought my point-and-shoot Nikon camera, figuring (correctly) that there would be many neat photos to take.

The four former classrooms downstairs were set up with various Christmas decorations and ornaments-- the first room held several Christmas trees. The second was filled with nutcrackers, which frankly creeped me out a bit. The last two contained elaborate displays of miniature Christmas villages and carnivals.

My favorite tree

Close up


The "Christmas Village" room-- the blackboard on the back wall tells of the room's past function as a classroom. 

A close up of a potion of a village

The front of the Old Lutz Schoolhouse

Some local church musicians and children provided musical entertainment outside