Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Laura Ingalls Wilder connection

Turns out that the famous pioneer-girl-turned-author had New England Puritan roots on her father's side, and that I am a cousin to her on several lines.

Cue the music...

Caroline and Charles Ingalls, Laura's "Ma"and "Pa", circa early 1860's

Laura's paternal grandmother was Laura Louise COLBY, who was, like me, a descendant of Anthony COLBY and his wife Susannah, of Salisbury, Massachusetts. Anthony was born about 1605 in Horbling, Lincolnshire, England.

I am descended from Anthony COLBY through four of his children: Sarah, Rebecca, Mary, and Thomas, making him a 9th (twice), 10th, and 11th great grandfather to me.

Laura Ingalls Wilder was a 7th great-granddaughter of Anthony and Susannah (maiden name unknown) COLBY through their son John.

Laura's COLBY line:

Anthony COLBY (1605-1660) m. Susannah UNKNOWN

John COLBY (1633-1673) m. Francis HOYT

Sgt. John COLBY (1656-1719) m. Sarah ELDRIDGE

Joseph COLBY (1680-1754) m. Anne BARTLETT

Nathan COLBY (1710-1759) m. Hannah WORTHEN

Capt. Ezekiel COLBY (1737-1817) m. Sarah FOWLER

Nathan COLBY (1781-1857) m. Eunice BLOOD

Laura Louise COLBY (1810-1883) m. Lansford Whiting INGALLS

Charles Philip INGALLS (1836-1902) m. Caroline Lake QUINER

Laura Elizabeth INGALLS (1867-1959) m. Almanzo James WILDER

Laura's paternal grandparents, Lansford and Laura Louise (Colby) Ingalls

I'm also a cousin to Laura through the FOWLER, WORTHEN, and BARTLETT lines of the Colby wives.

Laura's WORTHEN line:

Ezekiel WORTHEN I (1636-1716) m. Hannah MARTIN

Ezekiel WORTHEN II (1672-1755) m. Abigail CARTER

Hannah WORTHEN (1716-1750) m. Ezekiel COLBY

Ezekiel WORTHEN I and Hannah MARTIN were my 8th great-grandparents, and Laura's 4th, making us 5th cousins 4 times removed on this line.

Laura's FOWLER line:

Samuel FOWLER (1663-1737) m. Hannah WORTHEN

Jacob FOWLER (b. 1690-1752) m. Mary JONES

Abner FOWLER (b. 1719) m. Sarah FLANDERS

Sarah FOWLER (1742-1817) m. Capt. Ezekiel COLBY

The Hannah WORTHEN in this line was the daughter of the aforementioned Ezekiel WORTHEN I and Hannah MARTIN, so the FOWLER and WORTHEN lines converge.

Samuel FOWLER and Hannah WORTHEN were my 7th greats, and Laura's 5th, making us 6th cousins twice removed on this line-- twice, since I'm descended from two of Samuel and Hannah's children.

Lastly, the Bartlett line:

Richard BARTLETT (abt 1580-1647) m. Joan UNKNOWN

Christopher BARTLETT I (1623-1669) m. Mary HOYT

Christopher BARTLETT II (1655-1711) m. Deborah WEED

Anne BARTLETT (1684-1721) m. Joseph COLBY

Richard and Joan were Laura's 7th greats, and my 10th, making us through this line 8th cousins three times removed.

And since Deborah WEED was the daughter of my 8ths great John WEED and Deborah WINSLEY (Laura's 5th), we're also 6th cousins three times removed.

Having grown up reading the Little House books and watching the show, it's so cool to know that I'm related to Laura Ingalls Wilder on so many lines!

The Ingalls family, circa 1890's, from left: Caroline, Carrie, Laura, Charles, Grace, and Mary